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Why not? It's the Poobah's goal to make the Ha-Ha as safe, easy, and enjoyable as possible for everyone, so he doesn't require that boats start from San Diego.

As the Poobah has mentioned several times before, there is no problem with Ha-Ha boats beginning the event from Ensenada. Usually five or so boats do this each year.

There are good reasons. First, if someone's boat is already in Ensenada. Second, if you have a slower boat, it knocks about 65 miles off the 360-mile first leg. It's an option that 74-year-old Richard Carr, with the 19-ft Mirror Bluebird, will be going with on this his third Ha-Ha.

Lastly, it's our understanding that if you really screwed up and bought a boat that already has a Temporary Import Permit (TIP) that you can't get canceled because you can't locate the old TIP, and you can't locate a copy of the boat's clearance from Mexico to the States, you can get it done in Ensenada. Call Fito at Marina Coral to confirm this and identify a time frame.

Starting from Ensenada does not necessarily mean that you have to miss the Skipper's Meeting on Sunday morning or the Costume Kick-Off Party on Sunday afternoon.

In fact, Perry Chrisler, who will be doing his third Ha-Ha with his Scottsdale-based Beneteau 46 C'est Si Bon, reports that he'll be happy to "coordinate a shuttle from Ensenada to San Diego and back for the Skipper's Meeting and Kick-Off Party".

Perry is starting from Ensenada for two reasons. First, he won a free week at the Hotel and Marina Coral at the recent Beneteau Rendezvous, and second, because he said the shorter first leg in the previous two Ha-Ha's made "the journey more pleasurable".

Perry can be reached at

We know that Harbormaster Fito at Marina Coral has a van that has shuttled people, including the Poobah, from Ensenada to San Diego and back in the past. And on several occasions the Poobah has done the trip between San Diego and Ensenada and back using the Red Trolley to the border and the ABC bus to Ensenada. The bus runs every hour about 36 hours a day and costs about $16. It's a lux bus, too.

So yeah, Ensenada is doable. The only thing you would miss is the opening parade off Shelter Island with the Mexican officials, mariachi band, and fireboats.

What time should boats start from Ensenada on Monday? Anytime they want. The sophisticated Ha-Ha computer, on loan from NASA, can factor out all the variables for corrected time honors in the non-race standings.

One caution: If you arrive at Marina Coral at night, exercise caution, as entrance is narrow and a little tricky, as you have to make more than a 90% turn to come in.

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